Drive Crypto is the first Web3 mobility app developed using the DRIVE TO EARN concept with Game-Fi/Social-Fi elements.
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DRIVE CRYPTO is built around an essential daily activity for most people: getting from one place to another via a vehicle. We are the first project to effectively bring to life a concept of mobility and functional gain.

Users equip themselves with NFTs in the form of electric vehicles and NFTs in the form of electric power that calculate each KM traveled while driving their vehicle and through this activity earn in-game currency which can be used in-game or withdrawn for profit. .


Each NFT Car is unique and rare, as there have never been equal NFT Cars, so they can be greatly appreciated.

In addition to winnings through the DRIVE to Earn “drive to win” mode, NFT Cars can be used in the Racing game mode to compete with other users in a Fast & Furious style race and upon winning the race, the top three will be able to exchange the prize for $DriveCoins.

Holders of NFT Cars will also be able to sell them in the future through the first exclusive and specialized NFTs MarketPlace for cars.

stations for electric vehicles

Energy for all


Energy for all

Like Game-Fi, DRIVE CRYPTO also aims to contribute to the construction of the necessary infrastructure to meet the demand for charging electric vehicles, as part of the profit from DRIVE CRYPTO will be used to install physical charging stations for electric vehicles and thus contribute in combating climate change by generating carbon credits.

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DRIVE CRYPTO goes beyond just a Game-Fi/Social-Fi, DRIVE CRYPTO comes to help transform the world as a whole by building a lasting WEB3 ecosystem.